The fate of Cape Burhan on the island of Olkhon became interested in the French Alps Siberia association

Ms. Alin Fabress, Deputy Mayor of the French city of Seino, President of the Alps Siberia Association, expressed concern about the state of the natural, cultural and archaeological heritage site and offered her professional support in the conservation of the ecosystem of the natural territory. Having studied the problems and development projects, the association invited the BF PPJ to unite to solve a common goal – to preserve Cape Burhan, which is experiencing a growing anthropogenic load. Already in the summer of 2020, the association and the fund will carry out joint work to improve the infrastructure of the adjacent territory in order to reduce the burden on the cape. Tourists will be offered convenient viewing platforms.
“To protect Baikal is not only the task of the Irkutsk region, we are all obligated to participate in preserving the world’s treasures,” said Alin Fabress. – Perhaps due to joint activities, my compatriots will increase interest in Siberia.
– We are very pleased with the support of the association and personally Alin Fabress. Because only by uniting can we become stronger, ”said Natalya Yeremeyeva, director of the BF PPJ.
The AlpsiSibir Association takes an active part in joint Russian-French projects in the Irkutsk region. Particular attention is paid to the cultural, educational, environmental and tourism cooperation of the Irkutsk region and the regions of France.
The competition on the development of the concept of arrangement for the protection of the protected cape and the adjacent territory on the Baikal island of Olkhon BF PPJ with the support of the regional administration was held in 2017. According to its results, with the participation of the residents of Khuzhir, a project was developed to improve the Cape Burkhan nature park, and design and estimate documentation was developed.


Alin Fabress