Burkhan Project

All tourists arriving on the island of Olkhon, firstly seeking to visit the Cape Burhan. Everyone is attracted by the beauty of nature and the history of this place. The cape has become a fashion image not only of the island, but also of Lake Baikal, so the tourist flow here does not dry out. The annual increase in the number of visits to the cape is an average of 30%.

The sacred place is dismantled for souvenirs, the natural landscape is degrading (vegetation has disappeared, ravines are growing).

The administration of the Khuzhir Municipal Formation, deeply understanding the problem of organizing the tourist flow and other tasks, in 2016 turned to the Give Planet Life Charitable Foundation for support in maintaining this special territory.

With the support of the Government of the Irkutsk Region, private and corporate donations, a concept was first developed as part of an international competition, and then a project to equip Cape Burkhan and surrounding areas. The project is aimed at preserving and restoring a unique natural territory, one of the nine shrines of Asia, as well as an object of cultural (archaeological) heritage of federal significance.

The project has passed the necessary approvals, and the 8th part of its cost is already financed from the regional budget. However, at the existing rate of soil degradation, it is necessary to carry out work on the arrangement of the territory in the near future.

We offer to consolidate the forces of all those who are not indifferent to the history and nature of our region, for the speedy implementation of the project. The arrangement of the territory will make it possible to distinguish between tourist flows, form the rules for staying on Cape Burkhan, and minimize the anthropogenic load.

For those companies and individuals who decide to support the project with financing, stylized serges are developed that are filled with information about the participants. These structures will be installed on the road to Cape Burkhan on Pushkina Street (Khuzhir settlement).

We hope that your help will come from a deep understanding of the problem, and not from perpetuating your name. However, this will help to tell the people about the positive examples of those people and companies who are responsible to their children for what we will inherit from them.

Any of your investments will help save the nature of Cape Burhan.

Sincerely, Natalia Eremeeva, Director of the Foundation “Give Life To The Planet”

Organizers of the contest:

  • Administration of the Khuzhir MO of the Olkhon district of the Irkutsk region
  • Charity Fund “Give Life To The Planet” (the main organizer)
  • Irkutsk Regional Organization of the Union of Architects of Russia


  1. Ten winners of the first stage receive a ticket (accommodation, meals) for 7 days to the island of Olkhon.
  2. Winners of the second stage:
    1st place – 200 000 ₽
    2nd place – 100 000 ₽
    3rd place – 50 000 ₽
  3. Diplomas from the organizers of the contest.


  1. General partner – BORIS ZHILIN

  2. General partner providing I Prize of the contest – Trading network “Slata”
  3. Office of the Governor of the Irkutsk Region and the Government of the Irkutsk Region for Public Relations and National Relations
  4. OOOR “New Generation”
  5. Irkutsk Regional State Universal Scientific Library named after I.I. Molchanov-Sibirsky
  6. Media holding AS Baikal TV
  7. Irkutsk National Research Technical University
  8. Heineken company, project “Clean shores of Lake Baikal”
  9. Irkutsk Regional Branch of the Public Organization “Union of Designers of Russia “